Stronger Together Relief Grant

Great things can come about as a result of challenging times like these. The Caledonia Chamber of Commerce has always been dedicated to supporting our local business community. We are proud to announce the Stronger Together Relief Grant for local businesses impacted by COVID-19, thanks to the generous support of LaVon “Spanky” Felton of Sleepy Hollow and Dennis Gavin of Caledonia Haulers. 

This grant idea was presented by Spanky, after recently helping to initiate a similar grant in Viroqua, WI. Understanding the importance of the Stronger Together Relief Grant’s purpose, Spanky & Dennis have each pledged $5,000. This project could not have been done without their generous support. Both felt their businesses could provide financial assistance to others who have been impacted. They are truly great local business owners and community supporters whose goal is to help struggling businesses in our area during this current situation.  

As the Chamber moves forward, we realize many businesses have been impacted by COVID-19 mandates. Our goal with the grant is to provide financial assistance when businesses are able to reopen. We invite you to apply for the grant using the application below, or in a new tab here  

Other Donations Welcome 

After Sleepy Hollow’s and Caledonia Haulers’ initial contributions, ESB Banking & Insurance has also pledged money toward the grant fund, as has the Caledonia Chamber of Commerce. Chamber members can be proud knowing that a portion of their annual dues is being committed to helping fellow businesses in their time of need. The Chamber also welcomes any donations to the grant fund from those who are able. Our goal is to help as many qualifying businesses as possible. 

If you have any questions regarding the grant or would like to contribute, please contact Chamber President Eric Halverson at 507.725.8866 or

Business Eligibility FAQ

What is the deadline for applying?
Deadline to apply is extended to Wednesday, May 27th (originally Thursday, May 21).

If I am awarded grant funds, when will I receive it?
Businesses chosen to receive funds will be notified and receive funds at the end of May/beginning of June. If the business had temporarily closed, it will receive the funds upon re-opening, as the main purpose of this grant is to help ensure businesses can re-open, and remain open.

How will the grant funds be decided? Will everyone receive funds?
The amounts granted will depend on the number of applications received. A scoring matrix will be used to determine business eligibility and the grant amounts awarded to each business.

Do I have to be a Chamber member to receive funds?
No, although Chamber members do receive a higher preference within the scoring matrix.

I don’t have any employees. Is my business still eligible to apply?

How “local” does my business have to be to be eligible?
This grant is intended for businesses in the Caledonia, Minnesota area, to support the Caledonia business community and the Caledonia community-at-large. If your business is located on the outskirts of Caledonia, you are welcome to submit an application for consideration. Certainly if your business is located outside of Houston County, Minnesota, you are not eligible.